W. Mohorn and his activities, as well as the AQUAPOL system, received several national and international distinctions, such as the 'Ehrenpreis des österreichischen Wissenschaftsministeriums' (Prize of Honour of the Austrian Ministry of Science), the Kaplan medal and the 'Prager Architekturpreis' (Architecture Prize of the City of Prague):

1993 Architecture Prize of the City of Prague
1995 Prize of the Austrian Ministry of Science

1995 W. Mohorn is awarded the Kaplan medal (Austria)

1995 Certificate of Innovation (Province of Lower Austria)

1997 Bronze medal at the IENA (international exhibition "Ideen-Erfindungen-Neuheiten": Ideas - Inventions - Innovations)

2001 Gold Medal at the INEA 2001 for an innovative multifunctional technology of space energy to drain buildings and for ground draining/humidification

2006 Prize awarded by the ‚Österreichischen Erfinderverband' (Austrian Association of Inventors) for 20 years of membership

Auszeichnung IENA Of 600 prospective recipients, W. Mohorn was selected for the Gold Medal at the Inventors and Innovations Fair in Nuremberg. The medal was awarded for the Aquapol system invented by W. Mohorn, who is also the patent holder of the system. Aquapol allows humid walls to be drained without chemical or electrical power and without any renovation or construction work: on the one hand by simple reversion of the polarity of water molecules, and on the other hand by reversing the system for humidification without the need for any physical intervention.

More certificates abroad.


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