The Austrian Society of Space Energy, abbreviated to ÖVR, was founded in January 2006. The President and Chairman is Wilhelm Mohorn.

ÖVR is a non-profit association with the goal of supporting innovative and unconventional energy technologies, especially those based on the use of space energy. One of its aims is to achieve wider acceptance of such technology.

Financially and in terms of scientific research, this Association is supported by W. Mohorn and his companyAquapol. W. Mohorn and his Aquapol system are an ideal example of successful and efficient technology based on space energy.

What is Space Energy?

Österreichische Vereinigung für Raumenergie It is the traditional energy of the universe. It may also be called the 'energy of a thousand names'. Vacuum field, zero-point energy, free energy, airwave, tachionic energy - some of its many names - has specific physical attributes. It is present everywhere, is non-material, penetrates all matter, is devoid of direction, is of high frequency, and faster than light.

This traditional source is a direct carrier of certain types of energy. Its potential is unbelievably vast. In its primitive state it is not bound to any kind of energy. Hence it could be called free energy. It can be measured - not directly but indirectly. It becomes manifested when it interacts with matter.

More than 200 interested persons convened at a meeting held in November 2005 at the Natural History museum in Vienna. Together with Prof. Bernd Lötsch and German and Austrian experts from science and the economy, these individuals discussed the role of space energy technologies. The event was planned and sponsored by Aquapol.

Prof. Konstantin Meyl from Germany confirmed that space energy can be proved by experiment. "Experiments that demonstrate this effect should be incorporated in scientific thought", said Professor Herbert Klima from the Atomic Institute of the Technical University in Vienna. Parts of this event can be viewed at www.aquapol.at.

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