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    This website was installed in order to give information on the well-known inventor, researcher in natural science and founder of the Aquapol technology, Engineer Wilhelm Mohorn.

    His engagement and his breakthroughs in natural phenomena are of special interest - become engrossed in the exiting world of yet unknown natural phenomena...  more

    "Men was born to re-discover his environment.

    Once he is deprived of his joy of discovery, he is lost.

    The name of the game is to re-discover all natural laws in order to conquer the physical universe."


    "raum & zeit" article

    Ing. Mohorn has just published a new article in the well known german magazin "raum & zeit" (issue 12/2016).

    article as PDF | Read online

    Flieges World

    Jürgen Fliege, Germanys well known TV-moderator, interviewed Mr. Mohorn in his TV-show "Flieges World".
    Award from Association of Inventors

    Mr. Mohorn was honored from the Austrian Association of Inventors for his 20 years membership.


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