Research Project "Measurement of Salt in Buildings"

AQUAPOLdeveloped in coordination with the Austrian BuildingInstitute(Arsenal, Vienna) a fast and practical method ofmeasurement forthe concentration of harmful salinity in the masonry.

In June 2001 the research project "Salinity measurement in a building" was completed.

Thewholeproject was carried out in coordination with the AustrianResearchInstitute for Chemistry and Technology (formerly BuildingInstitute).

Afast and practical on site test to determinethe degreeof salt concentration danger at specific masonrypoints had nowbeen achieved. This method of measurement (masonrydiagnosticexamination) represents the basis for the recommendedAQUAPOL PlasterRedevelopment Technology.

As the AQUAPOLsystem is one ofthe long-lasting masonry dehydration systems, whichalso maintains thedry condition, it is one of our companygoals to extend thedurability of the newly applied plaster forseveral decades. Asredevelopment plasters alone are no long termsolution to highconcentrations of harmful salts, AQUAPOL returnspartially tohistoric reliable technologies that do notrequirethem.



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