Degree Dissertation "Influence of the Aquapol Devicefield on Plants"

The subject of the degree dissertation "Influence of the Aquapol unit field on Plants" was displayed on the noticeboard at the University for Agriculture (Austria), I was immediately interested. After searching for a lecturer who could assist me, I found Mr. Wilfried Kronberger. Forming the subject was rapidly done after consulting Mr. Wilhelm Mohorn.

As our first test, with runner beans, in the laboritory brought no satisfactory results, we concentrated on outdoor tests where change in plants is easily visible. AQUAPOL kindly provided 2 units for this. One unit had a counter clockwise rotating radius of action and the other one a clockwise rotating radius of action.

Both were installed on a suitable field of sunflowers and barley. The plant growth was later noted at sample areas.

As a control, the test was done without devices one year later . This time the field was cultivated with wheat.

Bild 1


Bild 2

Bild 3

Bild 4

Bild 5

It emerged that the dehydrating and hydrating effect depends on the type of Aquapol unit. To collect further parameters a more detailled examination would be necessary. I want to thank all the persons who willingly supported me in my (not always uncomplex) work. A special thank you goes to Dr Kronberger and Wilhelm Mohorn.

Gerhard Spatzier, Vienna, the 22nd of October 2001



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